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Monthly Packages
1. Basic Full Service – $39.95 +Tx
2. Shine & Protection – $49.95 +Tx
3. Teflon Sealant & Coated – $59.95 +Tx
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Limo Monthly Package
Basic Full Service $79.95 +Tx
Shine & Protection $104.95
Car Wash Packages
Car Wash Services
A. Hot Wax & Shine
$29.95 + Tx
Full Service wash, Hot wax shine,
Triple polish, Dashboard shine & protect
Windshield treatment, underbody wash
Undercarriage protectant, big prep, super vaccuum
Rim cleaning, tire shine & Air freshener
B. Teflon Sealant & Coated
$23.95 + Tx
Full service wash, Double bond sealant w/ teflon, triple polish
Windshield treatment, Under body wash, clear coat protection
rim cleaner, tire shine
C. Shine & Protection
$20.95 + Tx
Full service wash, clear coat protectant
Triple polish, Rim cleaner, Tire shine
D. Protection
$18.95 + Tx
Full service wash, clear coat protectant, under body wash, rim cleaner
Basic Full Service
$15.45 + Tx
Exterior & Interior Cleaning
plus vacuum
$7.95 + Tx
Outside Wash & Rim Cleaner
Add ons
Tire Shine
Triple Foam
Bug Prep
White & Bright
Clear Vision
Hot Wax
Mat Shampoo
$2 Each